• Hi-Tech Products offers several styles of tension devices for varying applications and level of tension desired. From our wide array of spring tensioners to lever and gate devices and replacement parts, look no further than HTP for leading tension solutions. [View Tensioners]

  • Hi-Tech Products, Inc. provides several yarn guidance solutions designed to reduce static electricity. When mounted to a metal assembly such as our outrigger arms (pictured above), our electrically conductive titania guides¬†help aid in the absorption and transference of static.

About Us

Since 1982, we have supplied the textile,wire,fiber optic, and medical industry with multiple types of ceramic yarn guides. Hi-Tech Products offers a full range of ceramic guides including, but not limited
to,standard flanged eyelets, traverse guides molded in plastic bases, tubes, rods, and other special shapes designed for specific applications. We also offer a line of several styles of tension assemblies. We offer a full range of materials such as titania (conductive and non-conductive), alumina (96%-99.9% purity), zirconia, as well as porcelain. Along with these materials, we offer several finishes from which to choose such as normal, polished, diamond polished, matte, matte overtired, and diamond polish overtired. With over 20 years experience with ceramic products and applications, we can offer excellent quality and very competitive prices. Since we carry a large inventory here in Greenville, SC we can offer prompt deliveries. Our web site shows some of our more standard items. However, if you have a need for a specific guide not shown, please send us a drawing, sample or digital picture so we can identify it for quotation. We greatly appreciate an opportunity to serve you and look forward to your requests.

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